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Yesterday's A Dream

A novel by Rennae S. McIntosh.

Finding yourself in a dumpster is an awful way to start your day.  Not knowing who you are is even worse.  In her late twenties and looking like an angel, just one memory haunts her.  Is this smiling face that of a friend or an enemy?  This young woman’s journey of self-discovery begins with her remedial education and ends with a dramatic rebirth.  Samantha awakes as an innocent child and blossoms into a competent, compassionate woman. 

She had no memory, no name, and possessed a dead woman’s wallet.  Finding out who this beautiful mystery woman is and how she came to be wandering the streets of his town became Officer Randall Brandt’s main concern.  It was becoming difficult to keep his thoughts on his job, all he wanted was to be near her. 

My first attempt at putting my creations on paper and into the mass market is finally becoming a reality.  I have been dreaming up characters and writing about them since junior high school.  I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I have enjoyed telling their story! 

Currently I am fighting with the characters in my second novel, they can be shy and snooty and sometimes just downright stubborn in their refusals to cooperate.  Still, I persist because I believe their stories could shine the light on solutions to similar real-life problems.  So pray for my patience and watch for I Face The Morning coming soon.

Thanks and God Bless!


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